Our record for achieving flawless casts is built on a fool-proof system of highly sophisticated testing equipment and regular Quality Control checks. Make note of our awe-inspiring 3D Co-ordinate Measuring Machine that ensures dimensional accuracy, the ultrasonic non-destructive testing for detection of internal flaws and the vacuum emission spectrometer for regular chemical analysis. These along with other periodic analysis and statistical methods are employed by our team to create a cast free of any structural and compositional deficiencies. In other words, an object of absolute perfection.

3-D Coordinate Measuring Machine “Accurate Make”
Checking Capacity up to 1000 x 800 x 600mm
With Tangram Controller
Total No Of Machines : 1 no
The castings so produced are checked in Physical testing lab to Confirm required specifications from sample drawn out as per the specified norms. They include :
  • Universal Tensile Strength testing machine – Tensile strength, Yield strength & Elongation
  • Hardness Testing machines – Hardness of cast material so also hardness of casting at specified location.
  • Micro Hardness Tester – To check the Hardness of Phases in the microstructure.
  • Impact Testing machines – To check the impact value at ambient as well as specified subzero temperatures.
The non-destructive testing has facilities like:
  • Ultrasonic Test Equipment
  • Hydro Testing
  • DPT – Dye Penetration Test Equipment
  • Eddy Current Test Equipment
At Melting Deck
  • CE Cup – to check carbon and silicon before tap out.
  • Dip Tip – to measure tapping temperature.
  • Spectrometer – to check the tap metal composition in details
At pouring the metal in moulds
  • Spectrometer also used to check final composition from the sample taken at the last mould poured
  • Microscope – To check the micro structure of metal poured in the last box from the sample
Sand Testing :
  • Seive Shaker
  • Universal Sand Testing machine
  • Permeability Meter
  • Moisture Tester
  • Daily checking of LOI, Active Clay, Dead Clay, VM, Mould Hardness, Core Hardness

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